The unrivalled location at the old town, the stylish setting with the unique bar, the inviting lounging area and open space awaken the senses to experience a flavorsome revelation of authentic Mediterranean recipes with modern twists inspired by the Greek and Italian culture. Open for breakfast and dinner, this restaurant and bar in Parga redefines the philosophy of traditional Greek cuisine in full accordance with favored Italian flavors, innovative touches and noble ingredients that will sure please the senses.

Reintroducing Mediterranean Cuisine in Parga

Bringing forward the most authentic Mediterranean flavors into the culinary scene of Parga, this exceptional restaurant has managed to capture the essence of Greece into every dish. Every recipe filled with authentic colors, flavors and aromas reintroduces Mediterranean cuisine in Parga. The old town atmosphere , the gentle breeze and refined aromas of the fresh grilled seafood, the authentic Mediterranean dishes and selected wines from small wine producers add a sense of nostalgia, fascination and romance to the overall intimate setting, creating a dining experience of a lifetime.



Castello Restaurant in a “Hidden Gem”
Ranked #4 of 7 Restaurants in Parga

:Tripadvisor Review

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